PCB Design

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) can be designed using conventional through-hole technology, the latest surface mount technology, or a combination of the two, depending upon your own particular product requirements.

We design all types of PCBs:
  • multilayer
  • double-sided
  • single-sided
  • flexible
  • any shape

Shaped PCB

We can also lay out an existing design for you, a re-design, or transform older style boards into surface mount for cost-reduction.

All PCBs are designed by manually routing the tracks with our CAD software: Experience tells us that this method results in smaller, more cost-effective PCBs than those designed using PC auto-routing, and significantly better EMC performance.

We pay great attention to every aspect of PCB layout and carefully consider the optimum position of individual tracks and components.

PCB Design CAD  PCB in a tight space, unusual shape

All PCBs are designed using CAD software packages and offer GERBER and ODB CAD file generation.

USB sized PCB   PCBs in Production

PCBs can be designed for specialist one-off applications or for low to high volume orders.

All PCBs we produce can have company logos and details printed on any layer, according to customer requirements.